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Sorry I gave a fuck about you. Won’t happen again.

QU Montage

By Meghan Guilfoyle

In the middle of a Sevillan art gallery, 
Lust walked in with a face of handsome ruggedness.
Scruff dimples and a side-crooked smile. 
That raspy hearty laugh complimented with 
    the deepest of brown smiling eyes.
Whiffs of sweet tobacco, natural pheromones, and
    Spanish cologne
the American definition of a Spanish man.
A perfect example of a human connection at its finest.
Solely in stolen secretive late night moments. 
Getting to know one another through passion and desire. 
Cinder block after cinder block, the emotional wall
    deconstructs itself with every phantasmal word rolling off
    the Spanish tongue. 
His hands adored every part of her physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
Promises made to always stay in touch…
As time was consumed with previously created lives, connection lessened. 

And with the fateful accident of a late night phone call, true colors
    were shown, and all was gone and forever lost to memory.