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The Hardest Choice

QU Montage

By Erica Celso

Childless by nature and by occupation;
still childless due to chosen thought and deed.
Much thought given and years of contemplation
of never bearing fruit nor planting seed.

A decision of such import not made lightly;
it weighs upon my heart as loads of lead.
Increasing burden as each new year passes,
dragging me to my final resting bed.

For children feel the depths of pain and strife.
Each day their light grows dim while they endure.
Bullies point fingers while they laugh and jeer 
hurtful words will spoil hopes that once were pure.

Predators prey upon their ignorance.
Diamond tears carve trails through their rosy cheeks.
Parents disregard the taint of innocence,
shushing children each time they try to speak.

Although I’ve always longed to be a mother;
to raise my child with love, courage, and truth.
People are compelled to hurt each other;
each day the news report stands as my proof:

The reason I have chosen to abstain:
Society ignores children’s pain.
My selfishness I never could forgive,
if ever I sentenced my child to live.