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Travelers with an L

QU Montage

By Marissa Himbele

And we aim for the journey of it all, dirtbags to some, and adventurers to others.
We envelop ourselves in greens with purple or orange hues that are quite majestic. 
A gypsy’s remedy that spells us to embrace 
    our desires and freefall into what is not 
    the unknown because we know it very well
Infant traces of lighter fluid grasp our fingers with their tiny fingers 
    while the gypsy transforms us. Socrates, Credo, Buddha sitting in a car 
    with their faded coughs; and their ideals overpower even the most brilliant 
    of sober minds; birthing ideas of mermaids and galaxies, to aliens next door. 

Salvador Dali lives within our minds, our brains his easel, he paints the impossible. 
Our thoughts race to beat the others at what great idea could cross the tape,
    but sometimes they get tangled in their own feet from the frustrating laces of 
    every detail and possibility.
We are well cultured, experiencing everything from the fine sands of Abu Dhabi to the
    locomotive fumes of sour diesel.
Buddha is our master; taking hits from his ceramic being we pray to him. 
We rub his belly and suck his knowledge from his head until we are paralyzed by his power.

Our lives have meaning, though others say it does not.
    Like kids on a playground so carefree, the mind is our jungle gym.

Our lives venture us to worlds unknown where we meet the unseen.

Our lives are gray, a tie-dye of black and white; we see what is and what is not, what 
    has and what has not, what can and what will, as opposed to those of 
    black and white.

Our horizons are the oceans with wonders right under our wading boats
    There is too much to catch at once. 
Ideas tumble in an endless effort, effective to our growing knowledge. 
Our voyages are not legal but we’re always on guard; we peer from the crow’s nest.
    We stand ready for a hijack but would never want to face one.

We are travelers by both land and sea guided by maps of our minds. 
We travel from a backyard, or travel from a bedroom, we travel
    from a car or travel
    from woods. Although,
Our destination is where we started, the journey, is what 
    we aim for.
It’s where we get lost and where we get wiser. It’s where we meet
    that gypsy or Socrates
We may not have seen the Eiffel Tower or the sphinx, 
    but we’ve seen peace and gratitude and ecstasy, with a plant
    that must be made by sprites
We see what never is to be seen.