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Last Words

QU Montage

By Kelsey Brown

My tongue is a draw-bridge
That keeps trapped the words 
I never got to say to you

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you...

Let’s pretend it’s hide and seek
Come out, come out
wherever you are

...made a lasting impression

I thought I heard your voice in the ocean’s song,
Your gentle melody riding the waves

all we could talk about was the future

I found you in my mind’s tornado,
Making friends with the cobwebs in the corners

...admired by his peers

When I felt you slipping through my fingers like sand,
I called in the search party

extending our thoughts and prayers...

So here is what I never got to say:
I was a little mad at you the day
you crushed my stress ball an automobile accident

And I was more mad the morning
You flipped your car without calling me
to say goodbye

in the wake of this tragic event

May you rest
in the sweetest of peace,
While I start
picking up my own pieces.