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Cheese and Crackers

QU Montage

By Julia Perkins

You said no thank you when my mother 
offered you cheese and crackers, the thin
Crunchmaster multi-seed kind, which taste
too healthy to taste any good. We hid 
our laughter as the plate flopped on the tile, 
the ceramic clanging, crackers crushing.
You wandered in my sunlight, eyes shadowed 
over with a straw hat, and threw pinecones
at my window and I thought that was cute
because it was different and wouldn’t create 
a diamond of growing cracks on the glass, 

of wood on window. You took my hand 
and we ran between the immobile trees, 
closing our eyes to the dark shadows, 
seeing only what the slivery cracks
of thinning moonlight allowed us to see
of the world within the woods. Until we
popped out and all the moonlight, all the
stars hit us. We swam in the lake, water
tickling our lips, smooth as melted butter
in the summer. “I never want to leave,”
you said, and I thought that meant you would 
stay, but tomorrow broke down night into
tiny fragments of nothing and forever
died and I put the world back together
into broken pieces of cheese and crackers.