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Italian Dinner

QU Montage

By Nicole Maresca

First, just an empty glass; no water.
You tell the waiter, “I’m fine with just water,”
But is it really just water?
Doesn’t each gulp of the delicious water
Refresh and satisfy your stomach, temporarily, at least until the bread? 

Now a new friend comes along: the bread
Such steamy bread
You pick and pull at the hottest piece of bread
It is looking rather tan, that bread
You allow him to come into your mouth, that piece of bread,
Sometimes you’ll even rub oil onto that bread
Once gone, though, it becomes meaningless; you now want salad.

It has everything you need: a salad
Substance, vibrancy; that is one fine salad
It’s known to make you grow as a person by being one with salad
The dressing is like a warm blanket, allowing more comfort with your salad
But other times you’d rather it just be bare-naked salad
Sadly, that doesn’t even seem to please you anymore, and you wait for the spaghetti.

Thinking about those blonde wavy locks of spaghetti
Fantasizing about being with spaghetti
Lusting over spaghetti
Being so strong, that spaghetti
So sexy and slippery, that spaghetti
Hoping that soon you will be filled with spaghetti
Just to have it be inside you…oh, spaghetti

Now you finally get your spaghetti
“Do you ‘I do’ me, spaghetti?”
Mr. and Mrs. Spaghetti
Two pieces stuck together, of spaghetti
We were always friends, spaghetti
Not even a knife’s cut can come between us, spaghetti

But, you were betrayed by spaghetti,
With those two plump, firm meatballs, who enjoyed caressing your spaghetti,
being on top of your spaghetti,
spewing their sauce over your spaghetti.
Don’t they know it’s your spaghetti?
Was it a threesome with those meatballs?

Stabbing your fork into the meatballs
Cutting it into tiny fragments of meatballs
Maliciously chomping on the meatballs
You can’t even see them anymore, those meatballs.

The crime is committed and you have been satisfied.

But then the waiter asks, “Would you like to see the dessert menu?”
And the first thing that catches your eye is the tiramisu. 
Why hello there, nice to meet you. You look gorgeous tonight, tiramisu.