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My Subconscious Hates Me

QU Montage

By Claire Michalak

She’s a red-lipped, foul-toothed lady mauler,
A bee-stung, gin-drenched middle finger,
A talon-heeled tequila headlock

She’s a deep-fried pierced-up smoke cloud
A key-scratched high-pitched inked sleeve
A blown out tear streaked ashtray 

She’s a leather-backed torn-up bar stool
A downbeat burnt-up gyration
A fleshed-out slipped-up sex parade

She’s a lemon-lipped bankrupt bar tab
A beer-soaked oak-knotted floorboard
An umbrella-dipped salt-rimmed grease pool

She’s a short-circuit, rusted-over, iron nail
A red-lipped taped-up theme park
A foul-toothed bear-clawed goddess

She’s a red-lipped foul-toothed lady mauler.
And she just handed me a drink
Spilling some poison from the rim
With an umbrella and a salt ring