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Ode to Blythe

QU Montage

By Tanner Celestin

On a river on a boat on a towel in California there’s a seat 
cushioned enough for my head when I lie down 
and cold enough from the midnight air
that I wrap myself in the towel there
When I look up there’s no edge to the sky
black enough to absorb my pupils
until the constellations burst behind my eyes
I want to share the constellations there
with you so we can wonder how the blackened river
bled into the vastness of the Milky Way and broke
the dam there inside me and all the colors
absorbed by black bleed out of my mouth
I whisper to you that you make me wish my favorite 
color was green but all that’s ever there inside
me is blue and this blackness of the desert sky 
and how I’ve tried finding my future 
in the connection of stars that are right there above us
but all I know is I am in a place in a boat
in a body wrapped in a towel that’s lost
all its warmth and my fingers have turned blue

Donald Hall Poetry Prize Winner