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QU Montage

By Rachel Corso

Hair slicked back
mauve black—shark fins gelled cool
with severed comb lines. The silver pin
stripes down your pleated suit.
My tongue burning 
with bourbon, the yeast
we’re both drinking.

Eyes melting
the ice around the outside
of my glass. Your look scolding
my flesh. July
strawberries halved, rashes
across my collar. Speckled seeds
beneath a knit sweater. 
My cheeks coated like my mother’s 
homemade sherbet—sweet Rhubarb.
Translucent sweat 
secreting rings 
onto wafer-thin napkins.

But the body
smooth to feel, wet, 
even to the slightest touch, 
until stuck. Left to mull 
over empty cups. Grinding base
into bar, hand-heels into
you–take me 
back to my aPartment 
on Audubon Street—
just to sleep, just sleep.