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iPhones & College Nostalgia

QU Montage

By Jessica Pereira

Dear Jessica,

Congratulations on your acceptance to Quinnipiac University of Hamden, Connecticut.  You’re invited to start your university experience by joining us for this year’s transfer orientation program. The transfer orientation program will give you a head start on getting to know your new classmates, academic advisors, the campus and the myriad of resources available to you as a Quinnipiac student.

        With my head down, I face the wind tunnel known as West Street. I move past the church steps, where an older man in tattered clothing smokes a cigarette. He sits with another man with unruly facial hair, and an overweight woman bundled up in dirty blankets. They all smell of booze. I skip past them, ignoring their cup for spare change.

        The Boston Common: A beautiful park located in one of the richest neighborhoods in America, Beacon Hill. Property surrounding the park is extremely pricey, unless you’re a student at Suffolk University.

        Look how beautiful this place is. Camera, Capture, Capture, Capture, Share, Contacts: Mom, Dad, Sissy, Mark, Send. Too bad there’s no one to enjoy it with.

        At the top of the park, I make my way to the perpetually crowded Dunkin Donuts. I grab a spot in line behind a group of construction workers, cursing through thick Southie accents. I wish my dad were here with me. I wonder what his experience was like getting coffee today, as I order two donuts, half out of habit, and half out of wishful thinking. I continue my morning walk with my two closest companions, my iPhone and my coffee. Thankfully, I am now too far away from the residence halls to give up on today and retreat to my bed. 

       Professor Richard Chambers ARCHER 220: Chamber’s office is small, but with Bostonian charm. There’s a bookshelf on all four walls, each of them stuffed fully with literature. The theater department is busy outside of his office, thumping around furniture set pieces, and reciting lines. 

        “Jessica, missing home is like playing footsie with an empty shoe. Things will change. Places will change. No matter where you are, being happy is your own responsibility.”

Call, Contacts: Mom, Send. “Maybe it’s not worth it to be so far from home.” 

        Quinnipiac University: A beautiful private university located in Hamden, Connecticut. It’s extremely pricey to live on this campus. Quinnipiac’s quad really reminds me of the Boston Common. It’s the way the large, well-kept lawn is broken up by little paths. It is so strange how everyone on the quad belongs to Quinnipiac. I have become so accustomed to the surprises that come with being amongst a diverse public on my way to class. 

        The Common has much wider, asphalt pathways. There are many more delicate trees scattered throughout the grass.  When walking to Suffolk’s Archer building, one faces the regal state house, brick with several tall white marble pillars surrounded by Beacon Hill, with its aged brick and intricate ivy. The middle of the park holds the romantic, Brewer Fountain, three-tiers depicting Neptune and Amphitrite on the bottom, and then young Angels, all in bronze. If the weather is good, one can have lunch or read at one of the patio tables surrounding the fountain. Sometimes a food truck parks right on the sidewalk, and emits the smell of fresh French fries. Framing the back of the Common is Boston’s Downtown area, with modern glass skyscrapers, young people in stylishboots and coats who pour in and out of Park Street T stop, and men and women dressed in expensive suits who walk with an aura of importance. Busy streets, pungent with exhaust fumes from taxicabs. At nighttime, the park lights up with several lanterns along the pathways. On exceptionally good nights, a violin or saxophone player might set up by the fountain for tips.

        Photo Library, Select, Share, Instagram: #tbt to when I lived in the city. 74 likes. Ding  Ding DingDing Ding  Ding DingDing, tolls from Quinnipiac’s Arnold Bernard Library. Every hour. The sound is almost peaceful, but then continues for an uncomfortable extra 45 seconds.